The U.S. Expands its Business Facilitation Program in Mexico

The United States has expanded its Business Facilitation Program (BFP) in Mexico to allow access to expedited visa processing for employees of qualifying companies traveling to the U.S. on company business.

According to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the BFP will provide time-saving benefits for businesses whose employees need to travel to the U.S. and will highlight the United States’ commitment to deepen trade and economic relations with Mexico.

Mexico is Latin America’s second-largest economy with a GDP of over $1.1 trillion dollars which grew nearly 4% in 2012, offering U.S. companies robust and growing opportunities to do business.Both countries have developed a highly integrated economic relationship in the past few decades which has significantly accelerated since NAFTA was implemented in 1994.

Currently, Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market with purchases reaching $217 billion in 2012 and is the third-largest source of imports at nearly $280 billion in products.Bilateral trade has multiplied by six from 1993 to when NAFTA was implemented in 1994. Moreover, the United States is Mexico’s largest source of foreign direct investment. Since 1999, more than 24,300 companies with U.S. capital have invested over $152 billion in Mexico. As a result, an intense and growing flow of business travelers between both countries now require an expedited clearance process at ports of entry.This process will help conduct business in the most efficient way by taking advantage of the country’s geographic proximity that allows easy and short-distance trips.

Therefore, the BFP is now open throughout Mexico and is available at all U.S. Consulates and the Embassy. The BFP requires interested firms to register with the U.S. Embassy’s or Consulates’ Consular Section. Participating companies will benefit from access to the U.S. visa appointment system, allowing a company representative to schedule online visa application appointments in a reserved appointment block. In addition, employees of participating companies will receive expedited processing and visa delivery for their approved applications.



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