New Pharr Bridge facility hopes to increase trade

  • Friday, 24 March 2017 18:19
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A newly constructed facility on the Reynosa side of the International Bridge here will allow for new goods to travel southbound into Mexico.

Apples, peaches, steaks and other produce that before, could not cross southbound on the Pharr International Bridge, will now be able to because a new inspection facility exists, in which Pharr contributed $400,000, according to Bridge Director Luis Bazan.

The facility is certified by Senasica Segarpa, which is a similar equivalent of a combination of the USDA and FDA. Segarpa will have offices at the facility, which will be 270 square meters, according to Felipe Garcia from Grupo Jugas. Grupo Jugas is a company in Reynosa that works in various sectors, including agriculture, fuel, logistics, trade and more.

This facility, which is already open, will likely benefit Pharr because the city makes its money at the bridge from southbound crossing tolls.

The city makes roughly $1 million per month from the bridge, and typically has more than 45,000 trucks cross southbound monthly. I

t is the only bridge in the area with both north and southbound truck traffic as well as passenger vehicles. T

he hope is this facility entices more companies to send more trucks southbound across the Pharr Bridge, since there is no other cold storage facility like this one in the area, Garcia said at Thursday’s Pharr International Bridge Board meeting.

In addition to the cold storage room and Segarpa offices, there will be a weigh station, gas station, open commercial area and private parking. Grupo Juga invested millions in infrastructure and development of this project, Garcia said.

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